New Books On Sale August 10th.

Happy Wednesday! It's new comic book day and we've got some books that are hotter than stolen documents in a Mar-a-lago safe! Here's some of the titles you should pick up this week!


PREDATOR: New from Marvel this series is a perfect place for fans of the movies. If you loved HULU's PREY (a movie about Comaches fighting a Predator in 1600's America) you’ll want to get this book.


SANDMAN SPECIAL EDITION DOLLAR COMICS - a reprint of issue 1 of Sandman, a great way to get fans of the Netflix show to read the comics all for a buck!


GOLDEN RAGE - This book came out last week but it’s a great one you should be reading. Think Golden Girls in Thunderdome. It explores topics of feminity, aging and cultures expectations of women. It’s phenomenally good.


GHOST RIDER VENGENCE FOREVER marks 50 years of Ghost Rider by Missouri natives Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich (both from Jackson, MO)!


If you're shopping with kids, check out New Champion of ShazamMoon Girl & The Avengers and Ms. Marvel & Wolverine as well as Edge of the Spider-verse, and of course Amazing Spider-man 900.

Don't forget to PRE-ORDER your copy of Amazing Fantasy #1000 and celebrate 60 years of Spider-man! It's a great commemorative issue and every fan should have a copy! 

Oh! We have a new program. Pick up any of our $1 Image Firsts titles and if you want to read the trade, bring it back and we'll give you a $1 off the purchase of that trade. It's a great way to discover new titles and you save some money. 

Finally we have a lot of great events coming up so make sure your checking out our events page!

See you soon!


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