Collection: Gabrielle Dell'Otto

Dell'Otto is a highly esteemed illustrator and artist, gaining worldwide recognition for projects such as his collaborations with Marvel and DC Comics, Italian Carabinieri, and Activision's videogame Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. In 1998 he began crafting covers, posters and lithographies for Europe, then expanding to Germany with DC Comics and other publishers. Two years later, Dell'Otto was hired to design images for Carabinieri's historical calendar. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada later assigned him the Secret War mini-series. He also made covers for the Annihilation miniseries (2006-2007); wrote and illustrated the book Tales (2007); and created the X-Force mini-series Sex and Violence (2009). In 2012, he designed the spines for The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection and penned the One-shot Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business #1 in 2013. And recently, Dell'Otto has drawn the 1990s variant cover for

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