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Last Day To Pre-Order: 06/17/2024 On Sale Date: 07/17/2024

(W) Al Ewing; Derek Landy (A) David Baldeon; Sara Pichelli (CA) Salvador Larroca

"INFINITY WATCH" PART THREE! Faced with the menace of Utgard and a prophecy of his own doom, the son of Odin sought out the legendary Power Stone to aid his fight. Only two things were in his way. Firstly, the mighty CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE - with strength to match Thor's own - was also questing for the stone. Secondly, the Stone is now inside a person - THE PRINCE OF POWER! PLUS, Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli continue the journey of the Death Stone Bearer and the scar it will leave on the universe!

Media Rating: Rated T+

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