Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker 1 & 2 Bundle


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Strolling through a Turkish alleyway, she's encountered Raptor - who's not exactly keen to collaborate. (She does clarify that she's not here to take him out of the game... but being a former assassin, you never know!) After tipping off Interpol to his whereabouts, she proposes a deal: she can conceal him, if he agrees to lend a hand. And so commences an excursion into the abyss of terror with Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker 1. Written by Tim Seeley, illustrated by Acky Bright, and colored by Brian Reber.

As soon as they disembark in the States, Angel and her team have a mission: infiltrate a rural Ohio facility guarded by chaos cultists and secure an artifact of incredible power. Angel already has a sword of remarkable might, but even she's no expert with it. With the artifact, she'll earn the skills to wield it to its full potential. But breaking into the cultists' compound won't be a walk in the park.

Discover "KNIGHT TERRORS: ANGEL BREAKER 1 & 2 Bundle" and its thrilling story of merciless mercenary, Seeley, who teams up with a partner to gain access to a powerful artifact. Seeley stands out from the crowd and her mix of vulnerability and strength make her a compelling character. Don't miss out on the unique tale!

Fight your way through the evil forces like a superhero, with KNIGHT TERRORS: ANGEL BREAKER 1 & 2 Bundle! Outfitted in a costume fit for an Angel Breaker, you'll have the perfect combo of vulnerability and power with a massive sword plus awesomely outrageous attire. Satisfy your super-heroic urges and get ready to swing and slash your way to victory!

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