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MegaMan NT Warrior Vol. #6 Manga

MegaMan NT Warrior Vol. #6 Manga

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by Ryo Takamisaki
It's the year 200X and everyone in DenTech City is plugged into the Internet. But living in cyberspace isn't always fun and games. It can be fraught with danger, too. High-tech crimes and virulent computer viruses are always a big problem for the authorities. Thank goodness for MegaMan. Along with his NetOperator, Lan Hikari, he does his best to keep the cyber world safe from being permanently deleted. But now a strange and dark aura has surrounded all of DenTech City. The Dark Forces have arrived and they're making a bid to destroy the brick-and-mortar megalopolis. Just when things look their worst, MegaMan suddenly and unexplainably appears.
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