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SECRET WAR 3 (2004) Gold Foil Cover

SECRET WAR 3 (2004) Gold Foil Cover

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This rare comic book features the beloved superhero, Captain America (Steve Rogers), in the third issue of the Secret War series. Written by Brian Michael Bendis and beautifully illustrated by Gabriele Dell'Otto, this first printing is a must-have for any collector of US Comics. The cover is adorned with gold foil, making it a unique addition to your collection.

Published by Marvel Comics in 2004, this single issue is in near mint to mint condition. It is part of the Modern Age (1992-Now) and belongs to the Superheroes genre. The Secret War series brings together some of the most iconic Marvel characters, including the Avengers. Get your hands on this rare gem and add a piece of Marvel (MCU) history to your collection.

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