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Star Wars #24 - Dec 2016 - Vol.2 - Marvel - (543A)

Star Wars #24 - Dec 2016 - Vol.2 - Marvel - (543A)

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This collectible single issue comic book features the iconic Star Wars series from Marvel Comics. Fans of the action/adventure and science fiction genres will enjoy this 9.0 Very Fine/Near Mint graded comic, which is part of the Modern Age (1992-Now) era. The comic book is in excellent shape and would make a great addition to any comic book collection.

The comic book is published by Marvel Comics and features a color style. It has a publication year of 2016 and an issue number of 24. The story title is "Star Wars #24" and it is part of the Star Wars - Vol.2 (Marvel) series. This item is perfect for collectors or fans of the Star Wars universe.

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