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Love Hina Vol. #8 Manga

Love Hina Vol. #8 Manga

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by Ken Akamatsu
Keitaro Urashima made a promise to his childhood sweetheart that he would get into Tokyo University. Well, he's failed three times and the girl of his past has been replaced with six girls in his present. Keitaro has taken the entrance exam once again and having fallen asleep halfway through, he fears the worst. Consumed with embarrassment and shame, he flees on a journey of introspection and redemption. It's up to the crew at Hinata House to track him down and bring him back to face reality. Time is running out, and Naru falls ill at a critical moment. Why is Naru trying so hard to find him?
SC, 5x7, 184pg, b&w (8 of 14)
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