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Superman: Up in the Sky

Superman: Up in the Sky

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Superman takes flight in this exciting new adventure!

A young girl named Alice is kidnapped by aliens, and Superman is determined to find her somewhere up in the sky.

The Man of Steel goes to incredible lengths in search of Alice, taking on plenty of challenges along the way including boxing against Mighto, preventing a space missile attack, and fighting alongside Sgt. Rock during World War II.

While he is away, he worries about the people of Metropolis as well as the love of his life, Lois Lane.

While on the quest to save Alice, Superman can’t help but grapple with an important philosophical question…is he doing the right thing by saving one person instead of focusing on saving thousands?

From acclaimed writer Tom King (Batman, The Omega Men) and artist Andy Kubert (Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Flashpoint), Superman: Up in the Sky collects issues #1-6 of this thrilling series.

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