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Hardware Season One #1 (Of 6) Cover A Mateus Manhanini

Hardware Season One #1 (Of 6) Cover A Mateus Manhanini

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Curtis Metcalf was the brightest shining star of Alva Industries, a brilliant scientist mentored by Edwin Alva since childhood until the failures of Alva technology at the Big Bang disaster threatened to destroy the company, and Alva needed a scapegoat. Now Curtis is on the run from the Dakota police department but a man as smart and paranoid as Curtis takes precautions. With a nearly indestructible suit of armor and remarkable inventions that he never handed over to Alva, Curtis stands determined to do much more than clear his name he s going to take the fight back to Alva himself! Writer Brandon Thomas (Future State: Aquaman, Excellence) is joined by Hardware s co-creator and Milestone founder Denys Cowan to open a legendary new chapter in the story of the Milestone Universe s most complicated man! Is a better world on his mind? Or just a world built for him?

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