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Captain America Marvel Knights Vol. #1 TPB

Captain America Marvel Knights Vol. #1 TPB

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Amidst the aftermath of 9/11, the Sentinel of Liberty - already a man out of time - must once again adapt to a daunting new global landscape. From the remains of the World Trade Center to the terrors of a small town ravaged by terrorism, the star-spangled super-soldier is forced to contemplate his role as a symbol of freedom and justice in the face of unprecedented threats. Meanwhile, the enigmatic figure known as Redpath pursues his own version of the American dream, commanding his Extremists to purge the nation through force. In this time of crisis, only a true patriot - the physical embodiment of the nation itself - can stand against them. But as Captain America uncovers the shocking truths of his mysterious decades-long absence, the extent of the conspiracy may be overwhelming enough to bring him to his knees.


Collects Captain America (2002) #1-16.

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