Extreme Carnage Alpha #1 Unknown Comics Dave Rapoza Exclusive Virgin Var (07/07/2021) (08/11/2021)

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(W) Johnson, Phillip Kennedy (A) Garcia, Manuel (C) Rapoza, Dave

VIOLENCE RUNS IN THE FAMILY! As the dust continues to settle after the species-redefining KING IN BLACK saga- Eddie Brock and his son- Dylan- won't be the only ones learning to adjust to a new normal. Collectively called the Life Foundation- symbiotes SCREAM- PHAGE- RIOT- LASHER and AGONY have tried to reconcile the sometimes-noble intentions of their hosts with their often-bloodthirsty impulses. But the Life Foundation symbiotes aren't the only ones with a part to play in this story- and they aren't the only symbiotes who find themselves reinvented after KING IN BLACK. They have an older sibling who may be reinvented in its own right: CARNAGE. Rated T+

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