Squadron Supreme by Mark Gruenwald


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Hyperion! Power Princess! Dr. Spectrum!

The Whizzer! Nighthawk!

Together they and their many allies are the Squadron Supreme - the mightiest heroes of their other-dimensional Earth.

But when the Squadron institutes the far-reaching Utopia Project - vowing to abolish war and crime, to eliminate poverty and hunger, and to cure death itself - everything changes! Can they possibly succeed? What lines will they cross to achieve their lofty goals?

When the Project reaches its zenith and the Earth falls under the Squadron's complete control, when do heroes stop being heroes?

And when the Squadron's foes flee to the Marvel Universe, which side will Captain America take? Master writer Mark Gruenwald explores the ethics of justice in his best-known story!

Squadron Supreme (1985) 1-12, Captain America (1968) 314

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