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Freedom Fighters: Rise of a Nation TP


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Welcome to Earth-X, where the Nazi war machine used metahumans to win World War II and conquer the planet.

After decades of fascist rule, the resistance has just been sparked in the form of the FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

When a Kryptonian rocket crash-landed in 1930s Czechoslovakia, the Nazi war machine found themselves with the most powerful weapon on the planet: baby Kal-El.

With their new Over man on the march, Adolf Hitler’s brutal regime set its sights on the invasion of America, and by the 1960s all hope seemed lost. A group of meta human Freedom Fighters fought valiantly to save their country, but they were ultimately crushed and their leader, Uncle Sam, was driven to the graveyard of avatars, never to be seen again.

Now, over 50 years later, a new resistance has arisen…an ALL-NEW FREEDOM FIGHTERS! To crush the Hitler regime and restore their country,

The Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Black Condor and Doll Woman launch a guerrilla hit-and-run campaign to reignite the American spirit.

Only a renewed American spirit can bring the powerful Uncle Sam back from the dead to lead the people in the uprising of their lives.

Collects Freedom Fighters #1-12

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