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Teen Titans Volume 3: Seek and Destroy TPB

Teen Titans Volume 3: Seek and Destroy TPB

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Lobo, intergalactic bounty hunter, is back for some quality time with his daughter Crush. But she and the Teen Titans are not having it.

In the wake of the Terminus Agenda, the Teen Titans are still trying to figure out what their future looks like.

But when Lobo shows up for his daughter Crush, they'll have to stand together against an enemy more sadistic than they have ever faced before.

Then, Lobo accepts "the Gift" from Lex Luthor, and things really go sideways.

Adam Glass (Suicide Squad) with Bernard Chang (Nightwing)and Viktor Bogdanovic (The Teriffics) bring the Main Man head-to-head with the Teen Titans.

Collects issues #31-38.

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