Transformers: The Manga, Volume 2 Hardcover

Transformers: The Manga, Volume 2 Hardcover

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Originally serialized in Japan’s TV Magazine, these classic stories from the Generation 1 era of Transformers are now available in English for the first time!

For eons, the Auto-bots and the Decepticons have been locked into a brutal civil war.

The Auto-bots seek peace and coexistence, while the Decepticons seek power and control.

Now, humans are caught in the middle as the battle between these two mighty factions comes to!

This volume collects the special one-shot story “The Decisive Battle of Planet Beast!” in addition to the bombastic “The Headmasters” and “Super-God Master-force” story arcs!

Originally published in Japan for the burgeoning Transformers fandom in the '80s, these classic tales are presented in English for the first time, alongside an enormous art gallery!