World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #17

Archie Comics

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 Tee Franklin, David Gallaher (A) Dan Parent, Bill Galvan, Bob Smith (CA) Bill Golliher
TWO BRAND NEW STORIES: First, in "Best Friends Day," it's Riverdale Best Friends Day and a local radio station is throwing a town-wide scavenger hunt and giving away a $100 gift certificate to Pop's for the first 10 winners. Betty & Veronica decide this is the perfect thing to do on Riverdale Best Friends Day! Join them on their adventures all over Riverdale in their quest to win-and have a fun BFF day in the process!
Then, in "Mystery of the Missing Mermaid," on the shores of Hawaii, international detective Jake Chang teams up with Betty and Veronica to solve the mystery of the missing mermaid!