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O Human Star Vol. #2 Graphic Novel

O Human Star Vol. #2 Graphic Novel

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Alastair Sterling was an inventor on the verge of changing the robotics industry forever - until his untimely death supposedly removed him from the equation. 16 years later, he wakes up in an identical robot body and finds a world that remembers him, in more ways than one.

There's his partner, Brendan Pinsky, who's headed Sterling's company as CEO, and with whom Al shared a secret relationship up to the day of his death...

There's Sulla, the female android who began as an imperfect copy of Al's mind, and who's facing her own problems in the presence of her long lost "father"...

And then there are the countless robots who now populate the city Al left behind, holding on to a legacy that Al isn't sure he asked for...

This book collects chapters 4 through 5 of O Human Star, which first appeared online from February 2014 to October 2016.
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