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The Pull by Steve Orlando

The Pull by Steve Orlando

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TKO Studios presents "The Pull" from superstar creators Steve Orlando (Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter) and Ricardo López Ortiz (Deadpool, Hit-Girl: Colombia)

An end-times caper for the Global Warming era, where humankind's consumption has attracted the attention of the primordial destroyer - THE UNDOER.

The only hope lays in BRENTON DEMM, one of Earth's thirteen super-science police, and his ex-wife GAYANO TITH. With days left until the Undoer swallows the Earth, Tith can stop the Undoer, as long as Demm can keep her alive.

The catch? Ever since his gloryhounding caused a disaster that killed hundreds and put Earth on the Undoer's radar, he's been clinically incapable of giving a damn.

Disaffected, corrupt, but still looking for a hint of hope in his last days, Demm finds it when Tith tells him the world doesn't have to end. He just has to get back to work.

"An ambitious and larger-than-life sci-fi series from writer Steve Orlando and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz." - SYFY Wire

"Steve Orlando's Profile Hasn't Stopped Rising." - AV CLUB

"Orlando is changing the landscape of comic books for a new generation." - ADVOCATE

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