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Comic Book Starter Box

Comic Book Starter Box

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The Comic Book Starter Box includes 10 new comics for over $24.99! 

Each Starter Box is designed to help you find new titles to follow, and gives you a contact at a real comic book shop to talk too about which comics you should get next! Each box contains 10 comics, stickers and more.

  • Want to start reading comics? Start here. - If you're comic book curious, and a fan of the movies, TV shows and games but don't read comics - we can help! We've selected 10 of the best comics from last month that will get your interest piqued and when you contact us online, we can help you find the next books to read!

  • Comics have gotten expensive...- Comics average between 3.99 to 5.99 every month! We're packing $40 of value in our boxes and giving them to you for only $24.99! Save some cash each month and start a new hobby today!

  • Great for kids and adults: Whether you’ve been reading comics for decades or just picking them up we’ll give you a selection of books to help you find your interests!

  • Exciting Variety: Enjoy a diverse selection of comic books from popular franchises including Marvel, DC, and more, providing endless entertainment for comic book enthusiasts of all ages.

  • A perfect gift - Looking for an activity to share with your kids? Know someone who loves superhero movies? Or a young reader that’s obsessed with Spider-man? This gift is perfect for that superhero fan in your life!

  • Ships first week of the month. - All boxes are packed up and sent out the first week of the month!


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