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Black Panther, Book 5: Avengers Of New World, Part Two

Black Panther, Book 5: Avengers Of New World, Part Two

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Elevating himself as the ultimate threat, Klaw has returned to challenge the Black Panther once again. Will T'Challa finally vanquish the man who murdered his father before Wakanda falls into chaos? As if things couldn't get worse, Wakanda's deities vanish and their predecessors make a comeback. But what do these former gods want from a nation that has moved on from them? And this is only the beginning - as a horde of wrongdoers resurface, monstrous creatures pour through mysterious portals, and Wakanda is pushed to the brink. With his hands full, T'Challa must defend his homeland from within, but who will aid Ayo and Aneka in their desperate struggle? Who will stand by the Panther's side on this perilous quest? And who, or what, is Ras the Exhorter? Prepare to be astonished by the truths that will be revealed.

Collects Black Panther (2016) #166-172.

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