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Savage tales featuring atmospheric artwork by Marvel's finest artists! An old friend's death leads Logan to Nick Fury...and the Swift Sword terrorist organization! But what is the surprising secret under the new Scorpio's mask? Then, Wolverine travels to the untamed jungle of the Savage Land -- so why is he fighting cyborgs? And which longtime X-Men foe is responsible? When his old foe Roughouse is kidnapped, Wolverine follows a trail of tainted cocaine from Madripoor to Central America -- but can the young revolutionary La Bandera help a sick and infected Wolverine survive against Tiger Shark and bring down a corrupt regime? Plus: Logan must avenge an old friend, but can he uncover the secret of the Master Form -- without his memories?
COLLECTING: Wolverine (1988) 17-30, Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection (1989), Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure (1990) 1