This Halloween - Give Out Comics!

This Halloween - Give Out Comics!

Don't want to offer candy, worried about children with allergies? Or, you want to be the cool house on the block?

Apotheosis Comics has you covered!

Comics are the ideal alternative this holiday season. These comics make sure every child can get in on the Halloween fun. Whether you're just stocking up for kids in your neighborhood or preparing for trick-or-treating, these comics make perfect presents - kids and adults will be sure to appreciate them!

This Halloween Comics Pack has 20 comics at just $10. This is the ideal time to start gearing up for Halloween and make it extra special.
Pre-order NOW so we can prepare and have enough comics for everyone!

🎃Shipping starts the last week of September and all the way until the week of Halloween. 🎃
🎃Available for pick up at the store starting October 1st.🎃

***Shipping Nationwide***
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