KSDK: Local business owners celebrate 'Small Business Saturday'

ST. LOUIS — From South Grand to Midtown, shoppers and business owners across the city celebrated 'Small Business Saturday.'

It's a day focused on supporting the locally owned businesses that help elevate St. Louis.

Shops across the bi-state had deals throughout the day as they headed into their busiest time of year.

Tiffany Wesley's shop full of soaps and lotions was born out of personal necessity. 

"I was just really suffering and struggling mentally, just with the outer appearance of my skin, so I wanted to find products that worked," she said.

Wesley started Pure Vibes in her own basement after researching natural ingredients and creating skincare products, but a certain someone pushed her to take the next step. 

"What really propelled me was not just suffering from my own skincare conditions, but then my daughter was born with eczema, and just had all these other skin issues, so after that, I was like, 'Oh, I really have to do something,'" she said.

Now, years later on 'Small Business Saturday,' Wesley's celebrating her one-week anniversary of moving and expanding to a storefront at the City Foundry.

"Just being able to, like help the city grow, right? It's a lot of development, a lot of growing businesses, and for Pure Vibes to take part in that, it's just a blessing overall," she said.

Down the street on South Grand Boulevard, Martin Casas is living out his own fantasy. 

"Owning a comic bookstore is like every comic book fans dream because they're just surrounded by the things they love all day," he said.

Casas' comic book shop, Apotheosis Comics, has been in business for five years. 

He said he's experienced his fair share of ups and downs.

"We're still dealing with some issues with the supply chain problems, and we're still dealing with the economy, that is still an issue, but we're finding ways to persevere, we're finding new ways to bring customers in," Casas said.

While the current climate isn't the easiest for anyone, both Wesley and Casas emphasized the importance of consciously shopping locally.

"It's not like you're just helping a corporation grow, but you're supporting families, right? And you're supporting your community when you shop local," Wesley said.

"All that money stays within the city, you're paying for your neighbors and friends to have a great holiday season, so shopping local is just the best way to celebrate the holidays because it's the best way to give back," Casas said.

Both owners added how shopping locally boosts our city's economy. 

Wesley and Casas said it's important to shop at these businesses during the holidays since the months after the new year are always slower.