Yea, but are you getting your comics pulled?

Yea, but are you getting your comics pulled?

It's a new year and a new you! That's what the cool kids say, right?

Anyway, some of you are subscribing to your favorite books each week and some of you aren't. For those that aren't - now's the perfect time to start! Subscribe (and what we call in the industry - pulling ) to a new title and have a comic waiting for you each week, every other week or once a month! Whatever works for you. 

Using Manage Comics makes it super easy! Click here, sign up and start grabbing the titles you want to check out!

With all the comic book films, shows, books and art coming out it's a great way to dab into the world of comics.

Did you like Mandalorian? Subscribe to Star Wars or Darth Vader.

Love the Marvel Universe? Get Avengers, Thor, Captain America and Black Panther!

Like the weird or the realistic? Check out You Promised Me Darkness, Beasts of Burden, We Only Find Them When Their Dead, or Keaneu Reeves' new title Brzrkr

There's a comic out there for you, and right now we are living in the golden age of comics - pick something up today! You're bound to discover something you won't want to miss!

If you any questions about having your favorite titles pulled email Martin at martin at apotheosiscomicsstl dot com! 

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