HELP - Customer Special Orders (Arrival)

Customer Special Orders (Arrival)

The customers item(s) arrived.  They have been added to Shopify inventory. You found their info on the Special Order Spreadsheet.  Heres what to do:

Check Shopify to see if there is an open order for them.  If nothing comes up, and no customer shows up, CREATE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT using info from the Special Order Spreadsheet, ManageComics, Gmail, etc.  Their info should exist at least in some form in one of these places.  If no order exists, create a Draft Order

Add item(s)

Reserve items (Far right of order details)  Choose 30 days from todays date.

press the Mark As Pending. A pop-up will appear, saying that an order will be created/can collect payment later.  Click Create Order. Click Collect PaymentSend Invoice, Review Invoice, Send Invoice.

Go to More Actions (top left)  Print packing slip.  Pack slip in bag with book.

Move order entry on Special Order spreadsheet to Fulfilled tab (at bottom left) -Make sure to remove original entry on Form Responses   

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