5 things you can do with comics

There are many things you can do with your comics other than read them. First, comic books make great gifts. Most comic books today are made with an archival paper and inks which means they will last longer and be able to pass on to generations down the road. One of my favorite ways to give someone I love a gift is buy giving them something that will bring them pleasure for years to come. Second, you can subscribe to their favorite comic series.

Comic books offer seasonal subscriptions for those who just can’t get enough of their favorite hero or villain and want every issue in print form. Third, Comic Books make great decorations. With how awesome comic book covers look its no wonder why people like displaying them around their homes. Just because you read it doesn’t mean you have to keep it stashed away under your bed for only yourself to see it. Fourth, comic books are works of art and collectibles .

Whether you are looking for a piece by Michelangelo or Picasso comic books have some amazing artwork from both famous and not-so-famous artists alike! And fifth, don’t forget about action packed fun . With movies taking off from some of our favorites comic book characters there has been more excitement then ever around comics. You can watch these popular films at home but why not try reading one where it all started? It may surprise you what an awesome time you could have!

Give someone you love a gift that will last for years. Most comic books are made with archival paper and inks, which means they'll last longer than your average book. If you know someone who's been interested in comics for some time now but hasn't yet taken it upon themselves to start collecting, get them started by giving them their first issue or two as a gift!

When I was younger I remember asking my grandma if she wanted me to give her anything specific when it came to gifts and she said, Just make sure whatever you give me is something that I can keep. She didn't say anything about making sure it was an old antique or even something expensive, just that it had value and could be treasured over time. I always try to remember what she told me whenever I purchase a gift for someone else so maybe one day you can pass on what she taught me too.

Subscribe to your favorite series . Is there a comic series that you've been wanting to read but haven't gotten around to starting? Did a friend lend you an earlier edition of their collection only for life to happen and leave you no time? Don't let procrastination hold you back from enjoying yourself any longer; instead subscribe to have your next installment delivered straight away! Even better, most comic series offer seasonal subscriptions so if there isn't enough material released throughout the year for one shipment consider having several deliveries sent out spaced out evenly throughout the year. This way you don't have to worry about missing an issue during holidays or summer break. 3. Make comic books into decorations .

The great thing about comic books besides reading them of course is how awesome they look once framed! They really enhance any room, whether hanging up alone like masterpieces at an art gallery or leaning together like a stack of prized baseball cards—either way comics will add extra style wherever you put them up around your home. 4. Comic Books are works of art and collectibles . Whether in pieces individually or bound together comic books still capture our imagination just like they did when we were kids begging mom and dad to buy us our newest addition to our collection.