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The customer service was nice, however it took a month to get my order.

A bit gruesome for the payoff.

I don't mind blood and violence, if it advances the story. This issue was a bit much for what we got out of it though.

All we really got out of this issue were: 1. We learn that energon has been found (it is the energon universe afterall); 2. The next thing, I figured out because I watched a cartoon in the '80s, so spoiler alert? Zartan's brother and sister hint that Zartan will be showing up; and 3. It is revealed who Cobra Commander's body guard is.

I'm not sure we needed 5 or 6 pages of Cobra Commander being tortured to get here.

Plus I just realized that I watched GI Joe on tv 40 years ago. Man I'm getting old.

I'm a little torn on this issue.

After all the buildup of Pharm and Graft over the past year, this issue wrapped up a little to tidily, a little too quickly, so it felt kind of anitclimactic to me. The last issue was more interesting. 2.5 to 3 stars on this one.

THEN, those Fraggin' Bastiches, Lobo and Brainiac show up on the last two pages! 5 stars! Granted it is just an introduction to the House of Brainiac, which DC has been advertising, so it wasn't a surprise, but it is Lobo and Brainiac in the same story! The only way that can get better is if Darkseid shows up too.

Catwoman in Atlantis? Somehow it works for me.

I have lamented Tini Howard's writing on Harley Quinn in reviews of that title, but I'm mostly enjoying her on Catwoman, this 9 lives story line in particular. It's different for Catwoman, but... (spoiler alert) it's a comic book! The magical elements, and Selena not worrying about the consequences of her actions are an interesting new aspect of her character. She's got to have an ulterior motive, so I'm not expecting her selflessness to last, but I'm interested to see where she is going for now.

At least I hope it doesn't last. Selina hasn't been a pure villain in decades, but despite what I said in the previous paragraph, she's more interesting when she's being selfish and conflicted about looking out for number 1, while caring about others. This story is fun for now though.

Can't Wait for the Finale!

I'm enjoying this series a lot. The title says it all! Super-heroes vs. Kaiju. What more do you need?

Anyway, this has been a fun series. It's way outside of continuity, so you don't need really need to know much about any of the characters to enjoy it.

I generally try to be spoiler free, so it's tough to talk about this issue in particular. Just realize that the previous issues 1 and 2 were introductions, and 3 to 5 were set ups. Everything is coming together in this issue for the grand finale in issue 7.

Bad A** AF

So thankful one of the guys at the shop recommended this for me! I’m not normally a WW fan, but this is way edgier & more violent than expected and the art is SIIIIIICCKKK. He sold me on WW ripping out Superman’s spine.

Entering the waste land

When the new Transformers title came out last year, nostalgia kicked in, and I decided to pick up all of the Energon Universe titles. Transformers, Duke, and Cobra Commander are pretty obviously tied together. I'm still waiting to figure out how Void Rivals ties in. Transformers have shown up in a couple of issues, but they haven't really gone anywhere with that yet. Void Rivals has still been a good Sci-Fi series and story so far. The story of the enemy races being pretty similar after all isn't all that original of a concept, but the questions about where their races, and their space station that surrounds a black hole have been enough to keep my attention, and I'm enjoying it so far.

This issue is pretty much a direct continuation of the last one. It's setting up the next phase of the two main characters' journey, and it introduces a new character. I get why they are calling it a new story arc, but I think it makes more sense if the reader has some knowledge of the story so far. The new big bad that was introduced has my curiosity piqued, and I think we are getting closer to the question of how these races are tied to the Transformers. I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Zod is in trouble!

I went into this series without reading any of the synopses of the series or each issue. Basically, the first few issues have established that Zod doesn't have as much control over New Kandor as you would expect, and he's losing the respect of his family in the process. This issue ends with him at a low point. It's a 12 issue series, so I'm sure we've still got a couple issues of him getting knocked down, but I'm expecting that he's going to get pushed over the edge, and return to his ruthless ways very soon.

New Arc Begins

Kind of a throw away issue, but still fun. By that I mean that, at the end of this issue, we are basically at the same place as we were in the beginning. Some fun cameos and plenty of low brow humor.

If you aren't familiar with I Hate Fairyland, it is NOT appropriate for the kiddos. If you are an adult looking for crude, silly humor in a pallet cleansing type of story, this one is perfect.

Great book

Haven't read anything Avengers in a while but this series is interesting enough to keep me hooked.

5 star service across the board*****

Great shop!

Every time I order online from this shop is a pleasure! They have the books I want, they don't price gouge, and the books come timely and well packaged. If I ever visit STL I'd love to pop in there!

Fun read.

Fans of the Amazon prime show will enjoy reading it.

5 stars for the cover, not the contents.

I wrote a review for the book itself, so I won't rehash that here. I will say that I LOVE me some Jenny Frison though! First of all, she comes up with some beautiful compositions that capture her characters personalities. For example, on this cover, you've got fun-loving, sexy Harley with her heart shaped sun glasses and lollipop, but the expression on her face is 100% "F*@! around, and find out."
I also love the fact that Frison hasn't done the Harley jester costume that many people end up portraying her in during this cover run. Don't get me wrong, I'll always have a soft spot for OG Harls, and I have LOTS of that version of the character in my collection. That costume ties her back to the Joker though. Harley with the Joker was more of a tragic character, trapped in a manipulative and abusive relationship. That is not the version of the character people should be celebrating. She has been a much more interesting character since splitting with him though, so I hate when people romanticize that version of her.
Artistically, I find Jenny Frison's style very interesting. She starts out drawing some very tight outlines on paper. On a second sheet, she then does a majority of her shading in black and white, which gives some parts of the cover very "traditional" pencil on paper types of textures. Finally she combines everything in photoshop, and adds color and some digital textures and effects. It makes for a very distinctive style (you know a Frison cover when you see one), that no one really emulates for some reason. I'm not complaining about that, just surprised.

This one hurts to write.

So, I have every issue of Harley Quinn, going back to her first series, all of her keys, multiple Harley figures, and some original art, including Amanda Conner's cover art for issue 40 of the 2016 series. I mention that, because if I weren't so invested into this character, I'd probably drop the series until the next creative team comes on board. If you are new to Harley Quinn, start with the New 52 or Rebirth series.
Back to this issue. Sweeney Boo is one of those artists that I hate to criticize too much. I'm not really into her style, but I think she is really good at it, so I'm not going to spend time hating on her. In general, I'm just not into overly cutesy style books, unless they are intentionally silly (ex. I Hate Fairyland). I'm not sure I would describe Rossmo's art as cutesy, but I had a similar criticism of his run. I liked Stephanie Phillips' writing a lot more though.
That brings me to the writing. I've enjoyed most of Tini Howard's Catwoman run, so I'm disappointed to say that her version of Harley Quinn is becoming very tedious. It reads like a combination of fan fiction and a Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley skit from SNL ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me."). It is dragging on FOREVER, and feels a bit lazy. How many issues do we need to dedicate to Harley and Kevin declaring they are friends, Ivy declaring she loves Harley despite, or even because of, all of her flaws, and people trying to convince Harley that her friends really do care about her? Also, this has also been the third Harley in the multiverse story in the past year.
I'm giving this story two stars, because I do like that Howard is trying to do something with the idea that Harley isn't as confident as she comes across. That is an interesting aspect of this character's personality, but it isn't being explored in an interesting way.

I got a good assortment of both older and newer comics definently got my monies worth from it

Superman is getting better and better

Superman comics have taken a remarkable upswing, showcasing a revitalized storytelling approach that breathes new life into the iconic character. The recent narratives delve into the complexity of Superman's character, blending action-packed sequences with introspective moments. The writers skillfully navigate his dual identity, humanizing Clark Kent while maintaining the awe-inspiring essence of Superman. The supporting cast also plays a more integral role, contributing to a richer and more interconnected narrative. This resurgence in quality demonstrates a keen understanding of Superman's enduring legacy while injecting fresh and engaging elements into the comics, making them a must-read for both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Great Series!

I enjoyed this series a lot. I don't read a whole lot of Marvel, but couldn't pass up Predator vs. Wolverine. Not a whole lot nuance, character development, or discussions about feelings going on, but if you are picking this up, that's probably not what you are looking for. If you want a grudge match spread out over several continents and 100+ years, then this is for you.

Nice Cover!!!

Great cover, was looking for the full collection.


Really enjoying the Energon Universe

Nostalgia got me to pick up Transformers, and it has been a fun reboot, so I decided to give the other Energon Universe titles a shot.

Duke is pretty directly tied to Transformers, and takes place right after Starscream destroys his fighter. It quickly jumps into government coverups and alien conspiracies. Starscream is on the cover, so obviously the alien conspiracies have some truth to them.

For those GI Joe fans that might be curious about this title, I'm pretty sure the Energon Universe titles are a separate from the main Joe series. On the other side of that comment, you don't need to know anything about GI Joe or Duke to enjoy this issue.

For all of the GI Joe fans out there, I also want to say that this does not seem to be related to the series

Fun Series!

I'm not sure I bothered reading the solicits when I saw there was going to be a Batman/Santa Claus team up book, so I wasn't really sure where this series was going. It gave a fun twist on the Santa and Krampus legends, and turned out to be a lot of fun, and had a heartwarming ending.
If you are in the mood for a fun, easy, holiday themed read, I would recommend picking up this series.

Great addition to my collection

Fantastic! The book came in great condition and was a fast delivery. I own a few Wolverine #1 facsimiles but this one I really like. Hopefully I can get another before they all become scarce.

Enjoyable and Recommended

I'm a tough 5 star reviewer. Overall, the Steelworks series didn't blow me out of the water, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was a fun storyline, especially considering this was Worf, son of Mogh's first foray into writing comics (that I'm aware of anyway). It introduced some new concepts and characters, and could be setting up Steelworks as a rival to S.T.A.R. Labs, which has some potential in my imagination.

I definitely recommend it for fans of Steel or the Supers in general.

Not bad, but familiar.

This arc has some potential (Harley teaching community college had all kinds of possibilities), but it isn't exactly fresh. This is the third multiversal Harley Quinn story in a row though, and it is the second out of the three where she is searching for the killer of alternate Harley Quinns. (of the three, Multiversity: Harley Screws up the DCU was the most fun).
If you haven't read Harley in a while, this arc may be a good jumping on point, especially if you are into Sweeney Boo or Tini Howard. I'm ready for a story that feels new though.

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