It’s fitting that Apotheosis Comics celebrated its grand opening right when Superman turned 80. The values of Apotheosis Comics reflect those of the Man of Steel: Do good. Expose truth. Put on the cape.

In our current climate, there’s a tremendous need to show people that there’s altruism, there’s integrity, there’s hope. Apotheosis is not just a store. It’s a community gathering place. That’s why, in addition to stocking thousands of comic-book and graphic-novel titles, Apotheosis features a welcoming bar area offering coffee, local craft beers, wine, and snacks. The shop also maintains a full calendar of events, including reading groups for kids each Saturday morning.

At the heart of Apotheosis Comics is service to the community, and the store will frequently organize food drives, neighborhood cleanups, and voter-registration events. We're glad to be here, and we're just getting started. Want to know more? Stop in today at either location.