HELP - Cash Drawer (Open/Close/Payout)

Opening - Cash Drawer

On POS, press the hamburger, select Register
Click Start Tracking Session

Count in drawer (Cash only)
Verify counts match.  If no match, drop note in #sales on slack, over/under amount
Check change levels.  If low, post on slack.  If critically low, perform payout (Remove Cash) and buy change from bank (Hartford/Grand)

Closing - Cash Drawer

On POS, press the hamburger, select Register
Click View Open Session

Count cash in drawer. (Don't forget to check under tray) Confirm match with Shopify POS

If it matches, remove cash over stock $120

1s can be over, but should be at least $30

30+ $1s     ($30+)
6 $5s         ($30)
2 $10s       ($20)
2 $20s       ($40)

Do not worry about dropping ones until there's at least $60.  Better to be heavy on ones than light.

If no match, document over/under and amount.  Contact Manager, if possible.

Fill out deposit envelope, including date and your name,
Post to #sales on Slack: Cash Drop $(amount)  ALSO: Any discrepancy
Place deposit envelope in deposit box

Press Remove Cash on POS, record amount removed. 
Add a note if you like.  Make sure to include initials at end. 

                   EXAMPLE:  Drawer over by $20 - IW

Press End Tracking Session

Payouts and top ups are performed from the Open Session screen as well.  ALWAYS DOCUMENT WHY AND INCLUDE INITIALS

IDEALLY, drawer will be counted out/in per shift.  At minimum at start and close of each day.