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Captain Marvel: Starforce

Captain Marvel: Starforce

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Ronan the Accuser establishes initial contact between the Kree and Earth — and he may hold ultimate power as judge, jury, and executioner over the Fantastic Four! The Kree's esteemed scientist, Dr. Minerva, sets her sights on kidnapping Avengers' loyal sidekick, Rick Jones! Carol Danvers assumes her first costumed identity as Ms. Marvel! Captain Atlas confronts the cosmic defender, Quasar, while Korath the Pursuer clashes with Captain America. The Starforce engages in a fierce fight against the Avengers! Finally, Carol and Cap unite to face the Kree's ultimate bane, Bron Char of the Lunatic Legion.

Collects Fantastic Four (1961) #65, Ms. Marvel (1977) #1, Captain Marvel (1968) #52, Quasar #9, Avengers (1963) #346, Captain America (1998) #8, material from Captain America (1968) #399 and more. 

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