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Last Day To Pre-Order: 07/01/2024 On Sale Date: 07/31/2024

(W) Ryan North (A) Ivan Fiorelli (CA) Ethan Young

BLOOD HUNT TIE-IN: ONE LAST HOPE! Alicia Masters and Reed Richards - and the survivors of New York - are lost, alone against the vampire menace, and Reed's exhausted. But they still need to survive - and avoid being turned into undead blood parasites. Reed has one last desperate hope, and it's not guaranteed to work - but there is at least a chance…if he can survive long enough to test it! This conclusion to our BLOOD HUNT tie-in ends in a twist that you will NOT want to miss! PLUS: PART 3 OF DEADPOOL/WOLVERINE: WEAPON X-TRACTION!

Media Rating: Rated T+

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