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The Mighty Crusaders, Vol. 3 #3

The Mighty Crusaders, Vol. 3 #3

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Story Arc:

Story Tltle Infiltration

Plot: Written by ERIC TRAUTMANN & BRANDON JERWA Art by JULIAN LOPEZ & JOHN LUCAS Cover by STANLEY 'ARTGERM' LAU There's a war on the horizon, and the enemy is closer than you might think. While the Crusaders find deceit and danger within the safety of their own headquarters, the Comet and the Fox are reminded that there is strength in numbers. Unfortunately, it's the bad guys who have the numbers! On sale SEPTEMBER 8 ? 3 of 6 ? 32 pg, FC $3.99 US

Key Issue ?: No

Main Characters: King Faraday | Shield (Joseph Higgins) | Web (John Raymond)

Creators: Brandon Jerwa | Eric Trautmann | Carlos Rodriguez

Release Year: 2010 Infiltration
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